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NSW Waratahs Assistant Coach


Clinical Director at Square One Physiotherapy


Director of Colts at Sydney University Rugby


Owner of Trytime Rugby Recruitment


Rugby player for Southern Districts and Sydney Rays


Rugby player for Southern Districts and Sydney Rays

Simon Cron

Simon Cron 

I have had the pleasure of working with Rob Fowkes over the last two and a half years.

He has worked with me at Northern Suburbs, as Head of Athletic Performance, where he was instrumental in securing our first Shute Shield premiership in 41 years. He was also Head of Athletic Performance for the Sydney Rays in the National Rugby Championship (NRC) where we made the Semi-finals for the first time.

Rob has been the best Athletic Performance coach I have met in my time in rugby. He has the ability to seamlessly merge rugby and athletic performance so that the two mutually benefit each other and the outcome is extremely good rugby players with the capacity to perform all of the key physical requirements at the highest level.

With Rob we saw exceptional physical development of our players so that they were faster, stronger, had greater repeat efforts, were more resilient to injury but most of all they were much better rugby players because all his content was specialised to rugby and their positional requirements!

He has the ability to individualise programs, so we maximised performance and he did this by sitting with the coaches and working out what was needed for that player to reach his full potential. Rob is a professional in everything he does and created an environment where our players trusted everything he did, because of this a number of our players moved on into NRC as well as Super Rugby.

Rob will be an asset to a professional program and any rugby player who wants support in making it to the next level, whatever that is for them, Rob is the guy who can make the physical performance side of that happen!

Simon Cron


Assistant Coach – NSW Waratahs (Current)

Head Coach – Junior Wallabies (2017)

Head Coach – Northern Suburbs Rugby Football Club (2015-2017)

Head Coach – Sydney Rays (2016)